Wendy Spencer with children Isabella, Hugh and Ben have been breeding, breaking and educating horses all their lives. The Stock Horses used at Mulwarree have been an integral part of running the Ironbark Hereford Stud, as all stock work is done on horse back.  It's therefore a must that these horses have a natural cow sense, along with athletic ability.  

At Mulwarree we also breed, break and educate ponies, where we are always aiming to breed the perfect child's pony. A pony that's able to go mustering one day and then perform in the show ring the next 

With this life style our horses and ponies have done the long hard days under saddle, this is so important when making a good horse and often neglected.

Mulwarree Stock Horse and Pony Stud is situated 6km South West of Barraba NSW Australia where the Spencer family run the Ironbark Hereford Stud.

Visitors are always welcome!

The Spencers have been breeding, starting and training stock horses all their lives.

At Mulwarree we breed, break
and educate ponies with the child rider in mind.

We offer a range of horse services to suit your needs. 

Please view our Stock Horse and Pony Sale Stock

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